One of our core values as a church is that we’d be a community of worship – a church of men and women who get together to honor God for who He is and what He is done in our lives. Our services are pretty simple and geared toward honoring God through worship music, biblical teaching, and “slices of life” about how Jesus is working in our midst. We also like refreshments and mingling, so you can expect those to be at pretty much any H2O service! For those with children, our Sunday morning City service offers childcare. Learn more about h2oKIDS, our children’s ministry, by clicking here.

Fall & Winter Schedule

City Service: Sundays | 9:15 am – H2O Building – 1385 Neil Ave.*
Campus Service: Sundays | 11:11 am – Hitchcock Hall

There will be ONE service (9:15a) on Sunday, Nov. 26th at the H2O Building – 1385 Neil Ave.

*Childcare offered