H2O City Lifegroups

As a church, we believe that real life transformation happens as we live in authentic community with one another, which is hard to do on Sunday morning with hundreds of people. Our desire is to connect with one another and develop deep, meaningful friendships; and to learn together who Jesus is and what it means to follow Him.

In Acts 2:42, we find one picture of the early church, “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” Our desire is to follow the example of the early church, living together in community, giving back to God’s Kingdom, and going out on mission together.  To that end, we have our City Lifegroups.

A City Lifegroup is a place to connect with one another and be real with our struggles, questions, and dreams for the future.  Its also a place to learn about and live out the mission God has called us to in this city: serving and loving our city and making disciples of Jesus.

Ready to check one out?
Contact a City Lifegroup leader below or fill out the form on the I’m New page!


Olde North CLG

The Old North CLG meets at 7p on Monday evenings in the Clintonville area.



SouthCentral CLG

The South Central CLG meets at 7p on Tuesday evenings in the Short North / Victorian Village area.


Neil Midrange CLG

The Neil Midrange CLG meets at 7p on Tuesday evenings in the Annex (1387 Neil Avenue).



The OTOC CLG meets at 7p on Tuesday evenings in the Olentangy Terrace / Olentangy Commons (Upper Arlington) area.



The Village CLG

The Village CLG is a group for somewhat recent graduates, meeting near Victorian Village @ 7pm on Wednesdays.


Wednesday CLG

The Wednesday CLG meets at 7p on Wednesday evenings in the Victorian Village / Harrison West area.


Wednesday Northwest

The Wednesday Northwest CLG meets on Wednesday evenings at 7pm in the Clintonville/Upper Arlington/Northwest Columbus area.



Rookies CLG

The Rookies CLG is a group for recent graduates, meeting in the campus area @ 8pm on Thursdays.



Saturday CLG

Beginning Saturday, October 7th @ 9:30a, the Saturday CLG will be meeting in the Northeast Columbus area! The Saturday CLG is open to anyone with the vision of providing a place a place for families to experience community together in way that is not taxing or demanding on their schedule as they navigate nap times & sports, busy work weeks & crammed weekends. We are excited to create a space where children, teens & adults can all experience genuine community together.



Sunday CLG

The Sunday CLG meets at 4:00p on Sunday evenings in the Worthington area.